Name:  Lachhiman, Gurung
Date of birth:  December 30th, 1917 (Dakhani Village, Tanhu, Nepal)
Nationality:  Nepalisch ??
Rank: Rifleman
Unit: 8th. Gurhka Rifles, Indian Army
Received on: 19 December 1945
Action: On 12 and 13 May 1945 Rifleman Lachhiman occupied a forward post near Taungdaw, Burma, and was heavily attacked by an enemy force of at least 200 men. He was able to return a fragmentation grenade thrown by the enemy twice. However he lost the fingers of his right hand and was injured in his face and his right leg, when a fragmentation grenade exploded during his third attempt to throw a fragmentation grenade back to the enemy. Two of his comrades were also injured, but Private Lachiman managed to fire and reload his gun with his left hand and stopped the advancing enemy.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Hon. Havildar.
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