ALI, Haidar  
Name:  Ali, Haidar
Date of birth:  August 21st, 1913 (Shahu Village, Kohat, India (now Pakistan&)
Date of death:  July 15th, 1999 (Shahu Village, Kohat, India (now Pakistan&)
Nationality:  Indian
Rank: Sepoy
Unit: 13th Frontier Force Rifles, Indian Army
Received on: 30 October 1945
Action: During the cross of the river Senio near Fusignano (Italy) on April 9, 1945 only Sepoy Ali and two of its men succeeded in spite of heavily hostile fire, to reach the other side of the river. Then, under cover of the two others, he attacked a hostile post and although he touched wounded, he conquers the post. At the attack on the 2nd hostile post he was touched again, nevertheless he also conquered this position. Two hostile soldiers touched wounded and the other two surrendered. The rest of the company could cross then safely the river and formed a bridgehead.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Havildar.
Ali Haidar is buried at the Village Shahu Khel, District Kohat, Pakistan.
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