JAMIESON, David Auldjo  
Name:  Jamieson, David Auldjo
Date of birth:  October 1st, 1920 (Thornham, Norfolk, Great Britain)
Date of death:  May 5th, 2001 (Burnham Market, Norfolk, Great Britain)
Nationality:  British
Rank: Captain
Unit: The Royal Norfolk Regiment, British Army
Received on: 22 November 1944
Action: On 7/8 August 1944 Captain Jamieson was in command of a company that had formed a bridgehead over the Orne south of Grimbosq, France. During seven enemy attacks which took almost 40 hours Captain Jamieson displayed his exceptional capabilities as a leader. There were moments that the situation seemed hopeless and the company was almost overrun by the enemy. However through his personal braveness and excellent capabilities the situation was restored every time. Captain Jamieson was personally responsible for holding the bridgehead and although he was wounded he refused to be evacuated.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Major.
David Jamieson died on 5 May 2001 at the age of 80 years old.
David Auldgo Jamieson is buried at the Burnham Norton Churchyard,
Great Britain.
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