Name:  Agansing, Rai
Date of birth:  April 24th, 1920 (Aapswarah Village, Nepal)
Date of death:  May 27th, 2000 (Katmandu, Nepal)
Nationality:  Nepalisch ??
Rank: Naik
Unit: 2nd Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army
Received on: 23 January 1945
Action: On June 26, 1944 at Bishenpur (Burma) Naik Agansing, led a section which task was to capture mail which formed a threat for the allied communications. Under devastating fire they attacked the post and Agansing killed three enemies.
After the conquest of this first post they attacked also the second post, where he eliminated three enemies again. A few moments later he attacked a hostile bunker, where he eliminates all four enemies. The rest of its enemies were so demoralized by this action, they beat on the flight and the last mail could also be captured.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Hon. Lieutenant.
Agansing Rai, cremated Dharan on 31 May 2000.
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