HINTON, John Daniel  
Name:  Hinton, John Daniel
Date of birth:  September 17th, 1908 (Colac Bay, Southland, New Zealand)
Date of death:  June 28th, 1997 (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Nationality:  New Zealander ??
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: 20th. Battalion, 2nd. N.Z.E.F., Canterbury Regiment, New Zealand Exp. Force
Received on: 11 May 1945
Action: During a march to the evacuation harbour of Kalamai, Greece, on 28/29 April 1941 the New Zealand troops were suddenly fired upon. Although the order to retreat was given Sergeant Hilton stormed at the first enemy position that came within his sight and put it out of action with the use of two fragmentation grenades. During a follow-up action however, Sergeant Hinton was wounded and became a prisoner of war.
Details: Sergeant Hinton is buried at the Ruru Lawn Cemetery in Canterbury/Atago, New Zealand.
Sergeant Hintonís Victoria Cross is publicly displayed at the QEII Army Memorial Museum in Waiouru, New Zealand.
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