HEIBLE, Louis  
Name:  Heible, Louis
Date of birth:  May 29th, 1924 (Longeville-lès-Saint Avold, France)
Date of death:  September 25th, 1994 (Zimming, France)
Nationality:  French
Louis Heible was born on May 29th 1924 in Longeville-lès-Saint Avold (France, Moselle).

He lived a normal life like any other boy in France…
In 1940, when he was 16 years old, the German soldiers invaded France and also the areas Alsace and Moselle which became a real part of Germany.
In 1942, when he was 18 years, Louis Heible refused to be incorporated in the STO (Service du travail obligatoire). The Germans forced the inhabitants of Alsace and Moselle (the North East) to work in German factories, in order to manufacture war material.
As a result of his refusal, he decided to join the FFI (French resistance) in the Vienne (department in the South West of France).
Because of his refusal to go in the STO, his parents and his sister were imprisoned in a labour camp.
During the period he worked in the resistance, he used the nickname “Napoléon” to avoid denunciation.

He later went to England and was incorporated the Special Air Service (SAS) with whom he joined in the Campaign to liberate the Netherlands.
He later joined the JRCP (Regiment of young paratrooper) until the end of the war.
He also received the Resistance medal

After the war he lived in Zimming, a village in Moselle were he married Marie Louise Klein and became father of 7 children (Solange, Mireille, Claude, Brigitte, Hugues, Yves, Sylvie).
He worked as a bricklayer, and also worked in a coal mine…

He died on September 25th 1994.
Rank: Chasseur 1ere Classe (Private 1 st class)
Unit: 3 RCP 3 SAS
Received on: January 2nd, 1951
Details: Royal decree no.15
CROIX DE GUERRE (1939-1945)
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Picture source:   - Guillaume Jolly
Information source(s):   - Nederlandse Ridderorden en Onderscheidingen
- Mireille Jolly
- Guillaume Jolly
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