FOOTE, John Weir  
Name:  Foote, John Weir
Date of birth:  May 5th, 1904 (Madoc, Ontario, Canada)
Date of death:  May 2nd, 1988 (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada)
Nationality:  Canadian
Rank: Captain
Unit: Canadian Chaplain's Service, Canadian Army
Received on: 28 March 1946
Action: During the eight hours lasting battle of Dieppe in France on August 19, 1942 Captain Foote walked calmly and master concerning across the battlefield to help the wounded soldiers and give them a peaceful and encouraged word. After under his control many wounded had been evacuated, he walked to the hostel lines where he let take him caught. So was able to stand by his soldiers during their captivity throughout the war.
Details: Captain Foote is buried at St.Andrew's Presbyterian Churchyard in Cobourg, Canada.
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Information source(s):   - Victoria Cross Reference
- The Register of the Victoria Cross - published by This Engeland 1997 - ISBN 0906324270
- Special thanks to Iain Stewart from The History of the Victoria Cross
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