FOOTE, Henry Robert Bowreman  
Name:  Foote, Henry Robert Bowreman
Date of birth:  December 5th, 1904 (Ishapur, Bengal, India)
Date of death:  November 11th, 1993 (Pulborough, Sussex, Great Britain)
Nationality:  British
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Unit: 7th. Royal Tank Regiment, British Army
Received on: 12 December 1944
Action: Lieutenant Colonel Foote stood confessed for its excellent leadership, extraordinary courage and he was always on the right time on the right place. So he was on June 6, 1942 in Libya. He had been injured as a result of earlier actions. In spite of his wounds, he led his battalion this way that he could prevent a surrounding of two divisions. During a tank attack on June 13, 1942 he motivate his men to go of one to the other tank once more, all this under heavy artillery fire. By this excelling and heroic action he kept open a corridor, so the brigade could continue their advance.
Details: John Weir Foote is buried at the Union Cemetery, Cobourg, Canada.
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