Name:  Gillies, James "Jack" (Service number: 519573/47317)
Date of birth: 1915
Date of death:  April 21st, 1944 (Singapore)
Nationality:  British
?: Sergeant;
?: Temporary Flight Sergeant;
November 17th, 1941: Pilot Officer on probation (emergency);
?: Flying Officer;
November 17th, 1943: Flight Lieutenant (war subs.).

March 1935: Aircrafthand, Royal Air Force;
September 18th, 1940: No. 602 Squadron;
October 1940: No. 421 Flight;
January 11th, 1941: No. 91 Squadron;
February 1942: No. 615 Squadron;
1943: Flight Commander No. 79 Squadron.

September 21st, 1940: Junkers Ju 88 (shared);
September 24th, 1940: Messerschmitt Bf 110 (damaged);
September 25th, 1940: Messerschmitt Bf 110 (damaged);
September 26th, 1940: Messerschmitt Bf 110;
December 7th, 1940: Dornier Do 17 (probably);
December 19th, 1940: Dornier Do 17 (probably);
April 11th, 1941: Messerschmitt Bf 109;
September 18th, 1941: Messerschmitt Bf 109;
May 29th, 1943: Japanese plane (probably);
May 29th, 1943: Japanese plane (probably).
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: No. 91 (Nigeria) Squadron, Royal Air Force (No. 91 (Nigeria) Squadron, Royal Air Force)
Awarded on: May 30th, 1941
Action: Citation:
"In April, 1941, this airman, as pilot of an aircraft on a reconnaissance patrol, observed a Heinkel 115 seaplane being towed by an enemy tender of 800 tons near the coast off Gris Nez. He returned to base and reported the incident and later escorted a section of our fighters to the target. Despite poor visibility, he located the objective and participated in an attack which resulted in the destruction of the seaplane and inflicted great damage to the tender. Returning from this operation he engaged and shot down a Messerschmitt 109. Sergeant Gillies has displayed exceptional skill as a reconnaissance pilot and, since October, 1940, has completed 150 sorties, during the course of which he has destroyed two enemy aircraft. On four other occasions, he has attacked enemy aerodromes and troops."
Details: LG 35176/3096-3097.
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Unit: No. 79 Squadron, Royal Air Force (No. 79 Squadron, Royal Air Force)
Awarded on: February 13th, 1945
Action: Citation:
"On the night of 2?th March, 1944, Flight Lieutenant Gillies, with a small patrol, penetrated into an enemy ammunition dump at Indaw, Burma. After he had rejoined the main force he was ordered to proceed to the R.A.F. working in support and explain the lay-out of the dump area.
He also arranged to indicate the target for the bombers. On the 4th April, 1944, Flight Lieutenant Gillies flew as passenger in a light aircraft, and placed smoke bombs around the target area from a height of fifty feet, enabling the bombers to attack the target with great precision.
The raid was highly successful. Throughout the whole campaign Flight Lieutenant Gillies' enthusiastic devotion to duty, and his ingenious ideas were of the utmost value."
Details: LG 36937/881.
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Picture source:   - Tom MacNeill
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