Name:  Ryan, William Martin Patrick (Service number: 2325915)
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Rank: Warrent Officer 2nd Class
Awarded on: August 2nd, 1945
Action: Recommendation:
"Company Sergeant-Major (CSM) Ryan was dropped by parachute into Yugoslavia in October 1943 as a Wireles/Transmitter operator (W/T operator) to the ISLD (Inter-Services Liaison Department) party at Croat Partisan Headquarters. He at one established his W/T station and since that date has single handed carried a great volume of intelligence traffic. For 6 months he also handled the operational traffic for the British Mission in that area. This work involved being on the keyboard every day for many hours at a stretch and not once during the whole period did CSM Ryan miss a scheduled contact. When on several occasions the Heaquarters was attacked by the enemy CSM Ryan displayed courage and tenacity of a high order. One example of this was when 5 Stuka aircraft made a direct attack on the W/T building with CSM Ryan was transmitting a most immediate message. He refused to take cover and succesfully completed the signal.

Taking into account the constant danger of working in enemy occupied territory CSM Ryan showed a very high technical excellence and maintained an exeptional standard of courage and devotion to duty over a long and trying period."
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Information source(s):   - Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 37204 published on the 31 July 1945
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