Name:  Nodes, Horace Stanley (Service number: 172136)
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Rank: Temporary Captain
Unit: The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) (Harrow)
Awarded on: May 4th, 1944
Action: Recommendation:
"On 18th Jan 1944 during the advance up to Salvatito, Lieut Node's Platoon suffered very heavy asualties and encountered difficult terrain in the shape of terraces with stone walls eight to ten feet high. In the face of all difficulties he led his platoon with determination and skill. When held up by a German post above him he took two men and attacked the post through the hail of bullets and grenades. He himself killed one of the enemy at least and captured the post. Later when a counter attack was forming up on his front he took out a fighting patrol and attacked the enemy who turned out to be twice the strength of his own patrol. He engaged the enemy to such good purpose that the attack did not develop. His continued drive, initiative and aggression towards the enemy kept his men on the offensive and they were never allowed to lose control of the situation. He maintained en extremely high standard of leadership until wounded by enemy mortar fire. He was a fine example to his men by his tenacity, courage and devotion to duty."
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Information source(s):   - Second Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 35089 published on the 25 February 1941
- Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36497 published on the 2 May 1944
- Copy of the original recommendation - STIWOT archive
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