FEGEN, Edward Stephen Fogarty  
Name:  Fegen, Edward Stephen Fogarty
Date of birth:  October 8th, 1891 (Southsea, Hampshire, Great Britain)
Date of death:  November 5th, 1940 (Atlantic Ocean)
Nationality:  Irish
Received on: 12 June 1941
Rank: Captain
Unit: Royal Navy
Action: On November 5, 1940 Captain Fegen, commander of HMS Jervis Bay, escorted a convoy concerning 37 merchant navy ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Then they were attacked by the German battle ship Admiral Scheer. Fegen took charge immediately and came in fight with the German battle ship. Now the rest of the convoy could spread their selves. Although Fegen were of course the inferior and his ship stood in the meantime already in fire, he kept this unequal fight with the Admiral Scheer for 3 hours. With the bridge on fire and its right arm shattered he continued contact the fight, until he eventually sank with his ship. Thanks to Captain Fegen eventual 31 ships could escape from this convoy.
Details: Edward Stephen Fogarty Fegen, Went down with 'Jervis Bay' Atlantic Ocean.
Name on Chatham Naval Memorial.
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