HASELDEN, John Edward "Jock"  
Name:  Haselden, John Edward "Jock"
Date of birth: August 10th, 1903 (Ramleh/Alexandria, Egypt)
Date of death:  September 14th, 1942 (Tobruk, Libia)
Buried on:  Commonwealth War Cemetery El Alamein
Nationality:  British
Servicenumber 147097.

Dutch language biographical text available.

?: 2nd Lieutenant;
13th July 1940: Lieutenant
?: temporary Captain;
?: Major;
?: temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
Rank: Temporary Captain
Unit: Intelligence Corps
Awarded on: February 12th, 1942
Action: Citation:
"Capt. Haselden was landed from a submarine behind the enemy's lines on Oct. 10th 1941 to reconnoiter for a possible operation in conjunction with local Arabs. In order to decrease the risk to the boat crew, this officer swam ashore in the dark and, after reconnoitering, signaled that it was safe for the boat to come ashore. He remained in enemy territory until picked up by one of our patrols at a given rendezvous on 19 October (R-Patrol under Capt. Jake Easonsmith). During this period, in which he was in constant danger of being arrested and shot, he collected valuable information both regarding the local Arabs and the movement of enemy troops. The success of the reconnaissance was largely due to the high degree of courage, determination and clear-thinking possessed by this officer".
Rank: Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
Unit: Intelligence Corps
Awarded on: February 18th, 1943
Action: Received in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East during the period May, 1942 to October, 1942.

"During the period 10th to 20th November, 1941, Lieutenant-Colonel Haselden was dropped by the long range desert group in the area of Slonga, prior to the raid carried out by a detachment of the Middel East Commandos on General Rommel's Headquarters at Sidi Rafa.

Wearing a British Battle Dress and Arab headdress he walked a distance of nearly 100 miles through the heart of the enemy territory in order to make certain reconnaissances prior to the landing of the detachment. After ascertaining the situation regarding enemy and frinedly Arab forces in the area he made his way to the selected beach and there awaited the landing which he guided in by pre-arranged signals.

Having passed on vital information about the enemy which was immediately transmitted by the Royal Navy to Cairo, and having explained the situation ashore to the raiding party and guided them towards the objective, Lieutenant-colonel Haselden again made his way through miles of enemy territory to his appointed rendezvous with the long range desert group. On his journey back he succeeded in disrupting vital enemy communications.

Lieutenant-Colonel Haselden's fearless action is worhty of the highest praise. The success he achieved was largely due to information he had gained during his recconnaissance."
Details: Second MC received in the form of a bar to be worn on the ribbon of the first MC.
Rank: Temporary Captain
Unit: Intelligence Corps
Awarded on: June 20th, 1946
Action: Received in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field.
Details: Awarded posthumously.
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