LOWENHOFF, Tadeusz Zbigniew  
Name:  Lowenhoff, Tadeusz Zbigniew
Date of birth: 1920 (Czestochowa/Silesia, Poland)
Date of death:  1998
Nationality:  Polish
Servicenumber 1920/88/III.

Born in 1920 in Czestochowa, Poland, Tadeusz Zbigniew Lowenhoff was at the university in Warsaw in September 1939. As a member of the Cadet Corps he was given a rifle and was told to defend the country against an attack from the west but was taken by Russian troops to a detention camp in Siberia.
When Anders army was formed he was released and travelled by train through the Crimea to get to Persia. Marching through Palastine the men would pick oranges from the trees to drink, not eating the flesh so as not to become bloated from eating so many.
Time spent in Egypt included the command of a half track towing an artillery piece. Shipped to Italy, movement was initially up the east through Bari as part of 5th Army, 2nd Polish Corps, 5th Kresowy Division. Action was seen at Monte Cassino Withdrawn for rest and re-equipping, he spent time at the Isle of Capri. At the completion of hostilities he was shipped to England travelling on the New Mauritania. He was based at Cark airfied in Lancashire not far from the town of Grange-over-Sands wherehe became part of 17th Polish Artillery Regiment.

Here he met his wife to become and was demobilised after choosing not to return to Communist Poland. He was not to see his family in Poland until 1960. He lived until 1963 in the North East of England, then emigrated to Western Australia becomming a successful businessman. He died in 1998 of liver cancer.
Awarded on: March 10th, 1945
Details: Nr. 22359.
Details: Version with the ribbon for the Polish forces in the west.
1939-1945 STAR
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Picture source:   - Paul Lewenhoff
Information source(s):   - Certification 17th Polish Artillery Regiment, March 18th, 1946
- Awarding certificate Kryz Monte Cassino
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