Name:  Dalton-Morgan, Thomas Frederick
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Servicenumber 37415.
Tom Dalton-Morgan joined the RAF in 1935; following his training he was posted to 22 Squadron, flying the Vickers Wildebeest, a biplane torpedobomber.
At the outbreak of World War Two he conducted training at the Air Ministry but he desired a more active role in the war. June 1940 he was posted to 43 Squadron flying Hurricanes from Tangmere.
Early June, Dalton-Morgan got his first taste of action. August 13th, he was caught in a crossfire and had to bail out, wounded slightly. September 1940, he was appointed commander of the squadron following the demise of Squadron Leader Ceasar Hull.
After having suffered heavy casualties, the squadron retired to the North where Dalton-Morgan turned out to be an excellent instructor for student pilots. He had pilots from 15 different countries under his care.
May 1941 43 Squadron saw action again from Tangmere. After having shared in the destruction of a German aircraft on July 24th, his own aircraft developed a technical defect and he was forced to ditch in the sea, losing two front teeth having been slammed against his gunsight. He was rescued by HMS Ludlow.
In Janaury he left the squadron and became Fighter Controller at Turnhouse before becoming commander of the Middle Wallop Wing in 1942 which was later extended to the Ibsley Wing. In this capacity he commanded four Spitfire squadrons, four Westland Whirlwind squadrons and two Canadian Mustang reconnaissance squadrons.
Early 1944 he was promoted and appointed Operations Officer with 10 Group Fighter Command which was preparing offensive operations over France prior to D-Day. In spite of his position, he continued flying covert operational missions.
At war’s end his tally stood at 14 confirmed victories and three shared. After the war he held several positions within the RAF until he left the service in 1952. He started working at the Weapons Research Establishment in Australia. He continued living in Australia but repeatedly returned to England to attend reunions and the Commemoration of the Battle of Britain.

October 21st, 1935: Acting Pilot Officer (probation)
August 26th, 1936: Pilot Officer
April 26th, 1938: Flying Officer
April 26th, 1940: Flight Lieutenant
June 1st, 1941: Squadron Leader (temporary)
Juni 1st, 1942: Wing Commander (temporary)
August 12th, 1942: Squadron Leader (war sub)
December 12th, 1943: Wing Commander (war sub)
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Action: Citation:
"This officer has shown great resolution as a fighter pilot and has led his flight, and at times his squadron, with conspicuous success. He has displayed great courage and determination in the face of heavy enemy odds, and has destroyed seven enemy aircraft. His behaviour in action has been an inspiration to the pilots in his flight."
Rank: Acting Squadron Leader
Unit: No. 43 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: May 30th, 1941
Action: Citation:
"This officer has displayed exceptional skill both as a squadron commander and an individual fighter. During two consecutive nights in May, 1941, he destroyed three enemy aircraft bringing his total victories to 13. Squadron Leader Morgan has contributed in a large measure to the high standard of operational efficiency of the squadron."
Details: Second DFC awarded as a bar for on the ribbon of the first DFC.
Rank: Wing Commander
Unit: Royal Air Force
Awarded on: May 25th, 1943
Rank: Acting Group Captain
Unit: Reserve of Air Force Officers
Awarded on: June 14th, 1945
Rank: Acting Group-Captain
Awarded on: May 3rd, 1946
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