Name:  Archer, Bertram Stuart Trevelyan
Date of birth: February 3rd, 1915 (Hamstead, London, Great Britain)
Nationality:  British
Rank: Acting Lieutenant
Unit: Corps of Royal Engineers, Bomb Disposal
Action: On 2nd September 1940 Archer was called out with his section to deal with a whole stick of unexploded bombs which had fallen in a refinery at Llandarcy, near Swansea. Several tanks of oil were on fire, which added greatly to the danger and difficulty of the work. Whilst tackling the most dangerous of the bombs two of the others exploded and it was obvious that the one on which they were working might do likewise at any moment. They continued working on it, however, for several hours until Lieutenant Archer had removed the fuse and rendered the bomb harmless.
Details: Date of Gazette 30th September 1941.
Later promoted to the rank of colonel.
Archer has been Chairman of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association since August 1994 and represented the VC & GC Association at the Queen Mother's Funeral in April 2003.

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