JOHNSON, James E.  
Name:  Johnson, James E.
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  American
Rank: Captain
Action: Citation:
"For meritorious achievement while participating in aerial attacks against the enemy as pilot of a fighter plane attached to a Marine aircraft group operating in the Solomon Islands area on June 5 and 7, 1943. on the first mentioned date Captain Johnson was a member of a flight of fighter planes escorting a group of bombers on a strike against enemy shipping. During the strike they were intercepted by a flight of fifteen enemy fighters and ten float planes, of which he shot down one and assited in driving off the remainder of the attackers. During the engagement of June 7, in which he led a group of six fighter against a force of ten enemy fighters, he shot down one and helped disperse the remainder, despite the fact that his plane was seriously damaged. In addition, he led numerous attacks against enemy warships and shore installations in the face of heavy anti-aircraft fire. His courageous conduct was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."
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Information source(s):   - Temporary Citation to the Air Medal
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