SYNAR, Stanley T.  
Name:  Synar, Stanley T.
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  American
Stanley Synar achieved a total of five air victories during the Second World War.

?: Marine Fighting Squadron 112 (VMF-112);
?: Division Leader Marine Fighting Squadron 214 (VMF-214).
Rank: First Lieutenant
Unit: Marine Fighting Squadron 112 (VMF-112)
Action: Citation:
"For heroism and extraordinary achievement as a member for Marine Fighting Squadron One Twelve in action against enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Island Area on June 5, and June 7, 1943. When his flight of fighters and bombers encountered twenty-five enemy Zeros and float biplanes following a highly successful assault on hostile shipping in the Shortland-Kahili Area, First Lieutenant Synar unhesitatingly plunged into a daring and determined attack and completely destroyed two of the biplanes. Two days later, during a series of swift, sharp engagements with an aenemy fighter sweep of forty Zeros, he observed a hostile plane menacing his division leader and promptly shot it down. First Lieutenant Synar's heroic conduct and superb airmanship on these two occasions, as well as in numerous strafing attacks on enemy warship and ground installations in the face of heavy anti-aircraft fire, were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval traditions."
Rank: First Lieutenant
Unit: Division Leader Marine Fighting Squadron 214 (VMF-214)
Action: Citation:
"For meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight as a Division Leader of Marine Fighting Squadron Two Fourteen against enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Islads area on August 4 and 29, 1943. When his group of escort planes covering our fighter craft encountered an attacking formation of twelve enemy Zeros while returning from a strafing mission, First Lieutenant led his group in an effective interception of the hostile force and, although painfully wounded in this action, successfully flew his plane and landed at our Segi-base. On a subsequent strafing mission to Tombulu bay, he directed his fire accurately and with splendid timing, setting ablaze two enemy barges and a heavily loaded steamer. First Lieutenant Synar's superb airmanship, courage and loyal devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions with the United States Naval Service."
Details: VMF-214 is the famous "Black Sheep Squadron", led by Greg Pappy Boyington.
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