LANGMAN, Victor Michael  
Name:  Langman, Victor Michael
Date of birth: August 16th, 1921 (Boreham/Essex, Great Britain)
Date of death:  November 16th, 2009 (Chichester/West Sussex, Great Britain)
Nationality:  British
Victor Langman was inspired to fly airplanes himself when Alan Cobham brought his flying circus to Chingford and enjoyed a circuit.
Langman was educated at Brighton College, where he enjoyed rugby and diving and volunteered for the Fleet Air Arm, joining HMS St Vincent as a Naval Airman 2nd Class in June 1940.
Langman was a slow learner and it was 12 hours and 25 minutes before he was allowed his first solo flight in a Miles Magister.
In the Spring of 1941 he undertook further training at Kingston, Ontario in the Fairey Battle.
After courses and several sea passages, Langman flew as a passenger in a KLM Junkers 52 from Lagos to Cairo to join the Fleet Air Arm squadrons based at Dekheila, five miles west of Alexandria.
At first Langman was disappointed to be appointed to 775 Naval Air Squadron employed on communications duties, but he quickly familiarised himself with the Middle East flying several aircraft types and experiencing a variety of emergencies. After flying with 815, Langman spent more time in the USA, learning fly the Grumman Avenger and joined 851 Naval Air Squadron flying from the escort carrier Shah in on operations in the Indian Ocean.
Postwar Langman worked in his father's cardboard factory, but he was not a successful salesman and emigrated to Canada where he tried house building, again unsuccessfully.
In 1948 Langman joined the Royal Canadian Navy, flying Avengers from Maggie, the Canadian carrier Magnificent, commanding the Canadian 881 squadron, and was senior pilot in the carrier Bonnie or Bonaventure. He retired in 1966 and was awarded the CD.
Langman returned to the United Kingdom where he joined the Civil Aviation Authority. In 1975 he was seconded to manage the Sultan of Brunei's new airport. In 1983 he retired again.
Rank: Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (A)
Unit: Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy
Awarded on: February 9th, 1943
Action: For skill, "bravery and sustained resolution
in many air attacks against enemy submarines
and E. boats in the Mediterranean
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