GIBBINS, William Edward  
Name:  Gibbins, William Edward
Date of birth: November 6th, 1919 (Chelsea-London/England, Great Britain)
Date of death:  January 22nd, 2006 (North Vancouver/British Colombia, Canada)
Nationality:  British
EC12077 GIBBINS W.E. Captain
7th Rajput Regiment

Served with the British military in Southeast Asia, primarily Singapore, Burma and India during WW 2. Also a member of the Indian military while in service. Following his return to Canada he served with the militia (reserve) in Vancouver, BC.
Rank: Captain
Unit: 7th Rajput Regiment
Awarded on: March 8th, 1943
Action: Citation:
"On 17th February 1943 this officer took over command of his infantry company on the death of his company commander and whilst his company was attacking a strongly entrenched Japanese position at Donbaik on the Arakan coast of Burma. Captain Gibbins courageously led several assaults on the enemy position, which proved impossible to capture. On being ordered to withdraw, the remains of the company found itself unable to advance or retire, being pinned down by enemy machine gun fire. Captain Gibbins single handedly engaged the Japanese position with grenades and so distracted the enemy machine gunners that his company was able to retire without further casualties.
During subsequent fighting Capt. Gibbins led his company with consummate skill and complete disregard of his own safety, and in the highest tradition of his regiment."
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Information source(s):   - Gazette of India extract vol. 56 Issue 217 dated 8th March 1943
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