MILLINGTON, William Henry  
Name:  Millington, William Henry
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Servicenumber: 42720.

18th September 1939: Acting Pilot Officers on
20th April 1940: Acting Pilot Officer;
24th July 1940: Pilot Officer (on probation).
Rank: Pilot Officer
Awarded on: October 1st, 1940
Action: Citation:
"In August, 1940, this officer was flying as a member of a section engaged on aerodrome guard patrol. Fifteen Dorniers escorted by a large number of Messerschmitts were sighted and an attack was ordered. Pilot Officer Millington succeeded in damaging a Dornier, but was in turn engaged by three Messerschmitts. He damaged one, shook off the other two and, single-handed, again engaged the bombers. During a further attack by two of the enemy fighters, he shot down one but a cannon shell burst in the engine of his aircraft causing it to burn.
Pilot Officer Millington, although suffering from a wound, chose to make a crash landing rather than abandon his aircraft and so endanger a village in front of him. He succeeded in getting clear just before the petrol tanks exploded. A few days previously, he attacked a formation of about sixty Heinkels, two of which he destroyed. He has displayed great courage in attacking superior numbers of enemy aircraft."
Details: Published in The London Gazette, dated 1st October 1940.
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