MILLAR, Andrew Patrick  
Name:  Millar, Andrew Patrick
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Service number 88865, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves.

Leading Aircraftman;
30th November 1940: Pilot Officer (probation, seniority 14th November 1940);
30th November 1941: Flying Officer (war substitution, seniotrity 14th November 1941).
Rank: Flying Officer
Unit: No. 20 Squadron
Awarded on: March 16th, 1943
Action: Citation:
"This officer has undertaken 31 operational missions, including many reconnaissances over the enemy's forward positions. These were invariably over dense jungle country and, to obtain information, Flying Officer Millar had to fly at tree top height, thus being exposed to enemy small arms fire at short range. In addition he has completed a number of general photographic reconnaissances which involved flying for long
periods over the enemy's positions. This officer, who has displayed great courage and determination, has often obtained valuable information."
Details: Published in The London Gazette dated 16th March 1943.
Rank: Acting Squadron Leader
Unit: No. 20 Squadron
Awarded on: July 24th, 1945
Details: Published in The London Gazette dated 24th July 1945.
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