HOßBACH, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig  
Name:  Hoßbach, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig
Date of birth: November 21st, 1894 (Unna/Westernphalia, Germany)
Date of death:  September 10th, 1980 (Göttingen/Lower Saxony, Germany)
Nationality:  German
Friedrich Hossbach was the son of Oberlehrer (Headmaster) Heinrich Hossbach and Anna Hossbach, born Paulus.

Between 1905 and 1910 he took courses at the "Kadettenhaus Oranienstein" (Cadet's training school) and subsequently at the "Kadettenhaus Karlsruhe" until 1911. This was followed by the "Hauptkadettenanstalt Lichterfelde Prinzenschule Klein-Glienicke" near Potsdam and finally the "Kriegsschule Klein-Glienicke." September 19th, 1913, he got his first commission with "2. Kurhessisches Infanterie-Regiment 82" (Kurhessen Infantry Regiment) and here, on June 19th, 1914, he was promoted to Leutnant (Lieutenant). Augustus 2nd, 1914 he was appointed "Zugführer" (section chief) in the "9./Infanterie-Regiment 82" and became Adjutant with the "III.Infanterie-Regiment 82" on September 13th, 1914. This was followed on March 2nd, 1914 by his appoitnment to aide-de camp with the "General Kommando des XVIII Armee-Korps" (Supreme Command of the XVIII Army Corps). November 11th, 1918, World War One ended with his appointment as "Führer III Infanterie-Regiment 82" (Commander) after having been promoted to Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) on September 20th.

In December 1918, Hossbach became "Führer 9./Infanterie-Regiment 82" and at the same time "Führer des Freiwilligen-Korps Hossbach" (Commander of the Volunteer Corps Hossbach). In April 1919 he was appointed "Führer der 9. Kompanie des Hessisch-Thüringischen-Waldeckschen Freikorps" (Free Corps Hessen-Thuringia-Waldeck). November 23rd, 1919 saw him appointed as "Führer des Nachrichten-Zuges 1./Reserve Infanterie-Regiment 20," ( 1st Section Intelligence Reserve Infantryregiment); subsequently, on Janauri 1st, 1921, he became Adjutant of "I./Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 17". After the "Wehrkreisprüfungen" in 1923 and back with II. Infanterie-Regiment 17 in 1925, he joined the "Führergehilfenausbildung" (Deputy Commander school) in the "Reichswehrministerium" (State War Department) in Berlin. His promotion to Hauptmann (Captain) followed on March 1st. In 1928, Hossbach became "Führerstabsoffizier im Heerespersonalamt (P 4)" (Officer to the Staff of the Führer in the Army Personell Department). October 1st, 1931 he was promoted to Chef of 5./Infanterie-Regiment 17.

On July 1st, 1933, by order of the Reichswehrministerium, Friedrich Hossbach was posted in the "Reichsluftfahrtministerium/Luftwaffenpersonalamt" (State Department of Aviation/Section Air Force Personell) and later, after having been promoted to Major on March 1st, he became Leiter P3 (Head) of the "Heerespersonalamt" (Department of Army Personell). on April 1st, 1934. Between August 4th 1934 and Januari 28th 1938 he was "Adjutant der Wehrmacht beim Führer und Reichskanzler" (Wehrmacht Adjutant with the Führer and Chancellor). In addition to this, July 1st, 1935 he was named "Chef der Zentralabteilung im Generalstab des Heeres" ( Chief of the Central department in the General Staff of the Army). In the meantime, Hossbach was promoted to Oberstleutnant on September 1st and to Oberst (Colonel) on March 1st, 1937. September 16th, 1938, he became "Kommandeur der Infanterie-Regiment 82." and on August 26th, 1939 "Chef des Generalstabes XXX.Armee-Korps" and of II.Armee-Korps.

December 1st, 1939 he was given command of Infanterie-Regiment 82., a posting as Kommandeur 31. Infanterie-Divison followed on January 20th, 1942. As early as February 24th, he was transfered to the Führerreserve and was promoted to Generalmajor on March 1st, 1942. On April 1st, 1942 however, he was pulled out of the reserve and posted as Kommandeur 82 Infanterie-Division. September 1st, 1942, Hossbach was admitted to hospital and placed on the Führerreserve until May 14th, 1943.In the meantime, he was promoted to Generalleutnant (Lieutenant-general) on March 1st, 1943. May 16th, he was posted once more as Kommandeur 31.Infanterie-Division. From August 3rd, 1943 onwards he served with XXXXVI. Panzer-Korps (Armoured Corps) and the LVI. Panzer-Korps and on November 1st, 1943, he was named Commanding General of the unit, being promoted at the same time to General der Infanterie (General of the Infantry). July 19th, 1944 he was given command of 4.Armee and on September 1st, he was named its Oberbefehlshaber (Commander-in-Chief). Janury 28th, 1945 he was posted to the Führerreserve indefinitely.

June 19th, 1914 to: Leutnant
September 20th, 1918 to: Oberleutnant
March 1st, 1927 to: Hauptmann
March 1st, 1934 to: Major
September 1st, 1935 to: Oberstleutnant
March 1st, 1937 to: Oberst
March 1st, 1942 to: Generalmajor
March 1st, 1943 to : Generalleutnant
November 1st, 1943 to: General der Infanterie
Awarded on: May 11th, 1940
Details: Had already received the Iron Cros 2nd Claas on 26th September 1914.
Awarded on: May 30th, 1940
Details: Had already received the Iron Cross 1st Class on 26th May 1916.
Rank: Oberst
Unit: Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 82 / 31.Infanterie-Division / II.Armee-Korps / 6.Armee
Awarded on: October 7th, 1940
Details: 227th Award.
Awarded on: July 22nd, 1941
Details: 77th Award.
Nennung im Ehrenblatt des Deutschen Heeres HVBl. 41, Teil C, Nr. 19
Rank: Generalleutnant
Unit: Führer LVI.Panzerkorps / 2.Armee / Heeresgruppe Mitte
Awarded on: September 11th, 1943
Details: 298th Award.
Awarded on: October 18th, 1943
Awarded on: April 6th, 1944
Awarded on: October 31st, 1944
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