REID, David Wilson  
Name:  Reid, David Wilson
Date of birth:  Unknown
Nationality:  British
Rank: Acting Wing Commander
Received on: October 1st, 1940
Action: Citation:
"One night in September 1940, this officer successfully carried out a dive-bombing attack on an assembly of barges in Ostend Harbour. On arrival over the target area, he made reconnaissance runs at an altitude of 1000 feet, during which he carefully selected the most vital parts to attack. He then climbed to 6000 feet and made a dive attack to 500 feet, and obtained direct hits on the target with a stick of eight 250-lb bombs. During the preliminary runs and the attack intense anit-aircraft fire seriously damaged his aircraft affecting its controls and shattering the pilot's compass and the rear gun hatches. Despite these difficulties Wing Commander Reid pressed home his attack with great determination, courage and skill, showing complete disregard for his personal safety."
Details: London Gazette dated 1 October 1940.
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Information source(s):   - London Gazette issue 34958, dated 1 October 1940
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