YOST, Edwin A.  
Name:  Yost, Edwin A.
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  American
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Company C, 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion, U.S. Army
Awarded on: 1943
Action: For action performed on 14 September 1943, south of the junction of the Calore River and La Cosa Creek/Province of Salerno, Italy.
Details: HQ, 5th Army, General Order No. 71 (1943).

Edwin A. Yost was part of the crew of 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion M10 Wolverine tankjager genaamd “Jinx”, who were all decorated with the Silver Star for one and the same action in which five German PzKpfw IV's, a ammunition truck, an armoured halftrack, a pill-box and a fortified house containing German military, were destroyed.
The crew consisted of Staff Sergeant Raymond G. Murphy, Sergeant Edwin A. Yost, Corporal Alvin B. Q. Johnson, Private first class Joseph O'Bryan, Private Clyde T. Stokes and Private Claude H. Stokes (form left to right on the pop-up photo).
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Picture source:   - Gary Adrion
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