WYSOTSKY, Vladislav W.  
Name:  Wysotsky, Vladislav W.
Date of birth:  Unknown
Date of death:  October 12th, 1943 (Orscha/Lenino, Belarus)
Nationality:  Polish
Born in 1908.
Vladislav Wyosetsky was a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union after the USSR occupied a part of Poland in 1939. In May 1943 he joined the newly formed Polish Army in the Soviet Union. In October 1943 he was promoted to Captain and was the Commander of the 3rd Battalion with the Kościusz - Division.
Captain Vladislav W Wysotsky was killed during the battle for Orscha near Lenino in the Vitebsk-Orscha-Mogilev area on 12.10.1943.
He was posthumously awarded the "Hero of the Soviet Union" on 11/11/1943.
Received on: November 11th, 1943
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