FABER, Wilhelmus  
Name:  Faber, Wilhelmus
Date of birth:  July 31st, 1907 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Date of death:  May 10th, 1940 (Ypenburg, the Netherlands)
Nationality:  Dutch
Description:  Wilhelmus Faber was born on July 31st 1907 in Amsterdam.
He was drafted into military service on October 3rd 1927 with drafting number 3063. He was promoted to Corporal on December 21st 1927 and to Sergeant on paper on March 31st 1928. He left military service on July 6th 1928.

Wilhelmus Faber liked the military service and from September 26th 1928, he started a seven year career with the Koninklijke Militaire Academie (Royal Military Academy), first as a Sergeant-cadet, but from August 3rd 1930 as a 2nd Lieutenant. According to special Military rules, he was placed non-active duty from April 1st. On August 3rd 1934 he was promoted 1st Lieutenant.

On his own request, keeping his rank and service years, Faber was transferred to the Wapen der Militaire Luchtvaart ( Dutch Air Force) on Januari 10th 1940. His unit was stationed on Soesterberg airfield, but was on May 7th 1940 transferred to Ypenburg.
Faber was killed in action on May 10th 1940.
W. Faber was buried on the Military Field of Honour "Grebbeberg" on Row 3A, number 55.
Rank: Eerste Luitenant-Waarnemer (First-Lieutenant-Observer)
Unit: 3e Jachtvliegtuig Afdeling, Jachtgroep Veldleger
Rank: Eerste Luitenant-Waarnemer (First-Lieutenant-Observer)
Unit: 3e Jachtvliegtuig Afdeling, Jachtgroep Veldleger
Action: Postumous awarded with bar "Nederland Mei 1940".
Rank: Eerste Luitenant-Waarnemer (First-Lieutenant-Observer)
Unit: 3e Jachtvliegtuig Afdeling, Jachtgroep Veldleger
Received on: 6 May 1946
Action: Royal Decree No. 9:
Postumus for air combat on May 10th 1940. W. Faber was 1st Lieutenant-Observer on a Douglas 8A-3N with registration number 381, stationed at Ypenburg Airbase.

May 10th 1940, Pilot Bierema and his Observer Faber managed to get into the air under enemy fire. During the Air-battles, the plain sustained such a damage, they tried to make emergency landings twice, on the Westerstrand (Western Beach) near Rozenburg. Both attempts failed and a short moment later, the plane was attacked by three Messerschmitt Bf 110 Destroyers. The 381 crashed into the sea, north-west of Hoek van Holland, killing Bierema and Faber.
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