NASON, Claude Fortescue  
Name:  Nason, Claude Fortescue
Date of birth: February 23rd, 1904 (Madras Regiment Barracks-Wellington, India)
Nationality:  British
Servicenumber 30905.

Claude Nason born 23 February, 1904, Wellington, Madras Regiment Barracks. Christened St George's Garrison Church Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu, India. He was the son of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Hyde Williamson Nason and Florence Hannay.
Rank: Luitenant Kolonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
Unit: 7th Battalion, The Cameronians
Awarded on: April 24th, 1946
Action: Recommendation:
"Lieutenant-colonel C.F. Nason commanded the 7th Battalion The Cameronians which landed in South Beveland on 27th October, 1944 and in hard fighting cleared the South-western shores of the island of stiff German opposition. Later it crossed into Walcheren and advanced Northwards capturing Veere with a large number of German prisoners. The Battalion under his command took part in the opening steges of the assault North of Sittard to clear the Ruhr triangle. During this operation Colonel Nason was well forward directing the attack on Nachbarheid whenb he was severely wounded in the legs by a mortar bomb. in spite of being in great pain he continued to direct his Battalion until he was satisfied that the attack was successful.
Throughout all the operations in Beveland, Walcheren and the Ruhr triangle, Lieutenant-Colonel Nason displayed great courage, calmness and determination. His Battalion never failed to take any Objective and this was in no small measure due to Colonel Nason's careful Planning and inspiring leaderschip."
Details: Royal Decree No.29, dated April 24th, 1946.
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Information source(s):   - British Library baptisimal records St George's Garrison Church,(Church of Southern India) Wellington,reference N/2/96/folio 17
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