FENET, Henri-Joseph  
Name:  Fenet, Henri-Joseph
Date of birth: June 11th, 1919 (Ceyzeriat/Departement Ain, France)
Date of death:  August 14th, 2002 (Paris, France)
Nationality:  French
Henri-Joseph Fenet served during the German invasion of France in 1940 as an "aspirant" (officer candidate) and a platoon leader (3 x 25mm guns) in the 21 Régiment d'Infanterie Colonial (RIC). He was wounded on 13th june 1940 near Mort-Homme (small hill near Verdun in France). After the French capitulation het served in the Vichy army with the 21th RIC in Frejus (Var, south of France). Later he served with the 3rd battalion of the 1st RTS (régiment de tirailleurs sénégalais) in Akjoujt (Mauritania) in Thessalonique, AOF (French occidental Africa). He was admitted to the officer course at the school for infantry of Saint Maixent, which as moved to Aix en Provence in july 1942 and was promoted to Leutenant in November 1942. On 29th november 1942 he was discharged. In March 1943 he entered the 'Milice' as chief of the Ain department and went into the Waffen-SS late in the summer of 1943. He was incorporated as Waffen-Oberscharführer on 18th October 1943. He received his instructions and training at Sennheim and the Junkerschule Bad Töls between 10th January and 14th March 1944. On 20th March 1944 he was promoted to Waffen-Obersturmführer and took 3.Kompanie at Neweklau, Bohemia/Moravia, at the end of May 1944 to form the SS-Freiwilligen-Brigade 8. Traning was undertaken at Networschitz near Beneschau. At the end of December 1944 he commanded the I. / SS-Grenadier-Regiment 57 and was promoted to Waffen-Hauptsturmführer on 18th March 1945. In April 1945 he commanded the SS-Sturmbataillon "Charlemagne".
CROIX DE GUERRE (1939-1945)
Rank: Aspirant
Unit: 21 Régiment d'Infanterie Colonial
Awarded on: 1940
Details: Received in 1940 with silver star (Divisional level awarding). Presented by Général Bridoux)
Rank: SS-Obersturmführer
Awarded on: August 22nd, 1944
Action: Received for a action in Galicia.
Details: Presented on 10th November 1944 at Wildflecken.
Rank: SS-Obersturmführer
Awarded on: August 24th, 1944
Action: Received for a wound inflicted in Galicia.
Rank: SS-Obersturmführer
Unit: I. / SS-Grenadier-Regiment 57
Awarded on: March 18th, 1945
Action: Received for breaking the Soviet encirclement in Pomerania.
Details: Presented at Meseritz.
Promoted to SS-Hauptsturmführer on the day of his awarding.
Rank: Waffen-Hauptsturmführer
Unit: Kommandeur Sturm-Bataillon / 33.SS-Freiwillige-Grenadier-Division "Charlemagne"
Awarded on: April 29th, 1945
Details: Decoration presented by SS-Brigadeführer Mohnke in the Reichs Kanzlerei between 20th and 30th APril 1945. Awarding has been established through rersearch by the Ordensgemeinschaft der Ritterkreuzträger. Of the awarding is no evidence in the Bundesarchiv.
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