BUTTON, John Chester  
Name:  Button, John Chester
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Service number 109664, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves.
Rank: Squadron Leader
Unit: No. 193 Squadron
Awarded on: November 17th, 1944
Action: Citation:
"This officer leads a squadron which has achieved many conspicuous successes. Before the landings in Normandy he participated in attacks on heavily defended Radar stations, the elimination of which was vital to the success of the landings. Since then he has led many attacks on ground targets, including ammunition dumps, enemy Headquarters,
bridges and transport. His brilliant leadership and selfless devotion to duty have been an inspiration to all members of the squadron he commands."
Details: Published in The London Gazette dated 17th November 1944.
Rank: Squadron Leader
Awarded on: May 15th, 1945
Rank: Acting Wing Commander
Awarded on: July 24th, 1945
Details: Published in The London Gazette dated 24th July 1945.
Rank: Acting Wing Commander
Unit: Royal Air Force
Awarded on: April 21st, 1947
Action: Citation:
"Has decorated himself against the enemy by acts of initiative, bravery and perseverence during one or more sorties in an aircraft, by his acting as commander of a Wing RAF fighterplanes giving direct support to the First Canadian Army in the battle from January until May 1945, during which his Wing had to attack frequently under heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire. By his doing so his acting was helpfull to the Dutch State."
Details: Unnumbered awarding.
Royal decree.no.34 dated 21st April 1947.
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