WARBURTON-LEE, Bernard Armitage  
Name:  Warburton-Lee, Bernard Armitage
Date of birth:  September 13th, 1895 (Broad Oak, Redbrook, Wales, Great Britain)
Date of death:  April 10th, 1940 (Ofot Fjord, Narvik, Norway)
Nationality:  British
Rank: Captain
Unit: Royal Navy
Received on: 2 July 1940
Action: Captain Warburton-Lee was the commander of HMS Hardy. On 10 April 1940, during a snowstorm, he was in command of a convoy of five destroyers. Captain Warburton-Lee and his convoy attacked several German destroyers and supply ships in the Ofot Fjord, near Narvik, Norway. The allies were initially very successful, but when German reinforcements arrived on the spot the situation became awkward for the allied forces. On a given time a German grenade hit the bridge of HMS Hardy and Captain Warburton-Lee was mortally wounded in this action.
Details: Bernard Armitage Warburton-Lee is buried at the Ballangen New Cemetery, Norway.
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