WANKLYN, Malcolm David  
Name:  Wanklyn, Malcolm David
Date of birth:  June 28th, 1911 (Calcutta, India)
Date of death:  April 14th, 1942 (Gulf of Tripoli, Mediterranean)
Nationality:  British
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Unit: Royal Navy
Received on: 3 March 1943
Action: On 24 May 1941, during an action in the Mediterranean south of Sicily, Lieutenant-Commander Wanklyn was the commander of submarine HM Upholder. He managed to hit an enemy troopship with a torpedo. The troopship rapidly sunk, and several enemy ships immediately haunted the allied submarine. After avoiding 37 depth charges, the submarine was finally able to move to clear water. At the end of the year 1941 Lieutenant Commander Wanklyn was responsible for the sinking of 140.000 tons of enemy shipping, including lots of troopships, tankers and supply ships.
Details: Lieutenant-Commander Wanklyn was killed on 14 April 1942 near Tripoli.
Malcolm David Wanklyn, seaman's buriel in the Mediterranean.
Name on Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Great Britain.
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