TRENT, Leonard Henry  
Name:  Trent, Leonard Henry
Date of birth:  April 14th, 1915 (Nelson, New Zealand)
Date of death:  May 18th, 1986 (Auckland, New Zealand)
Nationality:  New Zealander ??
Rank: Squadron Leader
Unit: Royal New Zealand Air Force, serving with 487 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Received on: 12 April 1946
Action: On 3 May 1943, Squadron Leader Trent was the commander of a formation of eleven Ventura bombers that conducted an air raid on a power station near Amsterdam, Holland. During this attack the allied bombers were severely attacked by German fighters and when they arrived above Holland eight Ventura bombers were already shot down. The allied formation was attacked again within a few kilometres range of the target, but Squadron Leader Trent managed to drop his bomb load before his own bomber was hit. As a result of this incident Squadron Leader Trentís crew was forced to bail out. They were immediately captured upon touch down. Despite overwhelming numbers of enemy forces and his dangerous mission Squadron Leader Trent was a model of bravery for the rest of his unit.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Group Captain.
Leonard Henry Trent, North Shore Crematorium, Auckland, New Zealand.
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