TOPHAM, Frederick George  
Name:  Topham, Frederick George
Date of birth:  August 10th, 1917 (Toronto, Canada)
Date of death:  May 31st, 1974 (Etobicoke, Canada)
Nationality:  Canadian
Rank: Corporal
Unit: 1st. Canadian Parachute Battalion, Canadian Army
Received on: 1 January 1946
Action: On 24 March 1945 near the River Rhine, Germany, Corporal Topham noticed that two medics were killed while they were taking care of a heavily wounded soldier. Without any doubts Corporal Topham immediately stormed towards the heavily wounded soldier. When he arrived on the spot he was shot in his face, but despite his wounds and heavy enemy fire he managed to evacuate the heavily wounded soldier. Although he was now wounded himself Corporal Topham refused medical attention and stormed towards a wrecked Bren carrier in order to evacuate its crew.
Details: Frederick George Topham is buried at the Sanctuary Park Cemetery, Etobicoke, Canada.
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