Name:  Sukanaivalu, Sefanaia
Date of birth:  January 1st, 1918 (Yathata Island, Fiji)
Date of death:  June 23th, 1944 (Mawakana, Bougainville, Solomon Islands)
Nationality:  Fijian
Rank: Corporal
Unit: 3nd. Bn., Fijian Infantry Regiment, Fiji Military Forces
Action: On 23 June 1944 Corporal Sukanaivalu managed to distinguish himself heroically at Bougainville, Solomon Islands. In the heat of the battle he managed to drag two wounded allied soldiers back to their own lines. During his attempt to evacuate another allied soldier he was hit in his groin and thigh, and was unable to move the lower part of his body. Several attempt were made to evacuate him, but these attempts only resulted in more casualties. Because his comrades kept on trying to save him, and Corporal Sukanaivalu knew that this would result in even more casualties, he deliberately raised himself with his last strength and was killed by the enemy.
Details: Sefania Sukanaivalu is buried at the Rabual War Cemetery, New Britain, Papua, New Guinea.
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