RANDLE, John Neil  
Name:  Randle, John Neil
Date of birth:  December 22nd, 1917 (Benares, India)
Date of death:  May 6th, 1944 (Kohima, Assam, India)
Nationality:  British
Rank: Captain
Unit: 2nd. Bn., the Royal Norfolk Regiment, British Army
Action: When company commander had touched wounded on May 4, 1944, during an action on
at Kohima in India, captain Randle decided to take over command. On May 6, Randle led an attack on a heavily defended bunker. The whole company was pushed back, but Randle considered himself no moment and stormed forward on his own. In these solo action by Randle he was deadly hit, but whit his last strength he could throw a hand grenade into the bunker. So, by this action he died, but nevertheless he eliminated the crew of the bunker.
Details: John Neil Randle is buried at the Kohima War Cemetery, India.
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