RAM, Sarup Singh  
Name:  Ram, Sarup Singh
Date of birth:  April 12th, 1919 (Khere, Patiale State, India)
Date of death:  October 25th, 1944 (Kennedy Peak, Burma)
Nationality:  Indian
Rank: Subadar
Unit: 2nd. Bn., 1st. Punjab Regiment, Indian Army
Received on: 1 April 1945
Action: On October 25, 1944 near Kennedy Peak in Burma, two platoons under command of Subadar Ram got the command to attack a heavy defended enemy position. At this action, which became no success, Ram touched wounded to both legs and he had to blow off the attack. At the hostile counter-attack which followed immediately, Ram knew however, in spite of its wounds, to eliminate several enemies. During this action he was hit again two times. In spite of his wounds was still capable to motivate his men, until he died eventually even later as a result of his wounds.
Details: Sarup Sing Ram, No known grave, name on the Rangoon Memorial, Burma.
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