Premindra Singh Bhagat  
Name:  Premindra Singh Bhagat
Date of birth:  October 14th, 1918 (Bhagat Kot, Mussourie, India)
Date of death:  May 23th, 1975 (Eastern Command Hospital, Calcutta, India)
Nationality:  Indian
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Unit: Corps of Indian Engineers, Indian Army
Received on: 10 November 1941
Action: After the conquest of Gallabat in Ethiopia on January 31 and
February 1, 1941, Second Lieutenant Premindra Singh Bhagat was in pursuit of the escaping enemy. The following four days he stripped a minefield of a size of 78 kmē. He touched wounded two times when he trapped in an ambush, and drove with his brencarrier several times over an enemy mine. However he does not to be helped to its wounds, before he knew certainly that the complete area had been stripped of form mines and was given safely.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General
Premindra Singh Bhagat, cremated Keoratola, India.
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