OSBORN, John Robert  
Name:  Osborn, John Robert
Date of birth:  January 2nd, 1899 (Foulden, Norfolk, Great Britain)
Date of death:  December 19th, 1941 (Hong Kong)
Nationality:  Canadian
Rank: Company Sergeant-Major
Unit: 1st. Battalion, The Winnipeg Grenadier, Canadian Army
Action: On 19 December 1941 a section under the command of Company Sergeant-Major Osborn managed to capture an enemy position on Mount Butler, Hong Kong. During an enemy counter-attack the situation became critical. Various fragmentation grenades were thrown in the direction of Company Sergeant-Major Osborne, and he managed to throw them back before they detonated. When he noticed that he was to late to throw back the last fragmentation grenade, he warned his men and threw himself upon the exploding fragmentation grenade. Company Sergeant-Major Osborn died on the spot, but his heroic action saved many of his men.
Details: John Robert Osborn, no known grave, name on Sai Wan Bay Memorial, Hong Kong.
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Picture source:   - Canadian War Museum
Information source(s):   - Victoria Cross Reference
- The Register of the Victoria Cross - published by This Engeland 1997 - ISBN 0906324270
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