NETTLETON, John Dering  
Name:  Nettleton, John Dering
Date of birth:  June 28th, 1917 (Nongoma, Natal, South Africa)
Date of death:  July 13th, 1943 (Turin, Italy)
Nationality:  Rhodesian
Rank: Squadron Leader
Unit: 44 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Received on: 1 November 1942
Action: On 17 April 1942 Squadron Leader Nettleton and his formation of six Lancaster bombers were ordered to bomb a factory near Augsburg, Germany. When they had almost reached the target, enemy fighters attacked them and four Lancaster bombers were shot down. The two surviving Lancaster bombers managed to evade the enemy fighters and anti-aircraft guns by flying very low. After they had dropped their bomb load the other surviving Lancaster bomber was shot and crashed. Although Squadron Leader Nettleton’s Lancaster bomber was severely damaged he managed to bring the only surviving Lancaster bomber back to base safely.
Details: Later promoted to the rank of Wing-Commander.
John Nettleton was killed in action near Turin, Italy, on 13 July 1943.
John Dering Nettleton, grave bay of Biscay, Italy.
Name on Runnymede Memorial.
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