MITCHELL, George Allan  
Name:  Mitchell, George Allan
Date of birth: August 30th, 1911 (Highgate, London, Great Britain)
Date of death:  January 24th, 1944 (Damiano, Italy)
Nationality:  British
George Allan Mitchell is buried at the Minturno War Cemetery, Italy.
Rank: Private
Unit: The London Scottish (Gordon Highlanders)
Awarded on: July 17th, 1945
Action: On 23 and 24 January 1944 an allied advance was halted near Damiano Ridge, Italy, by heavy enemy fire coming from several machine-gun posts. Without hesitation Private Mitchell stormed forwards and he managed to put the first enemy position out of action while he was under heavy enemy fire. During this attack and the capture of the next enemy position he killed 6 enemy soldiers and took 12 prisoners. However, due to a careless moment, a soldier who had previously surrendered killed him.
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