HUTTON, William Renzard  
Name:  Hutton, William Renzard
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
Service number 240295.
William Renzard Hutton joined the infantry in 1939 and was assigned to the Eighth Army Long Range Desert Group in the Middle East. He joined the 46th Infantry Division and was sent to Italy and the Anzio Beachhead. Received promotion to Company Commander Fifth Battalion, the Hampshire Regiment and was sent to Greece and then Yugoslavia and was finally sent to Vienna where he and his troops were demobilized in the fall of 1945 after 6 years of war.
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light infantry
Awarded on: April 19th, 1945
Details: London Gazette, 2nd Supplement issue 37039, dated 19th April 1945.
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Information source(s):   - Glen Renzard Hutton (son)
- Second Supplement to the London Gazette of 17th April 1945, dated 19th April 1945, issue 37039, page 2074
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