CAMPBELL, Joseph William  
Name:  Campbell, Joseph William
Date of birth: May 8th, 1921 (Newport)
Date of death:  April 8th, 1945
Buried on:  Holten Canadian War Cemetery
Nationality:  Canadian
Rank: Korporaal (Lance Corporal)
Unit: Canadian Infantry Corps / North Nova Scotia Highlanders
Awarded on: December 8th, 1945
Action: Corporal Campbell was killed a few seconds before his men, whom he had inspired bij his leaderschip, jumped into the enemy trench and fineshed his hob. The dyke was cleared and the remainder of his Company immediatly moved across the canal and into the town of Bathmen. Corporal Campbell's outstanding bravery in this action, enabled his Battalion to continue its swift advance into Northern Holland, without giving the Germans the delay they wanted. He gave his life in a manner that was beyond praise.
Details: Royal decree no.2 Posthume
Canadian Gazette of 22 dec. 1945
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Information source(s): source Maaldering p.283
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