WW2Awards further grown

Every day our volunteers are working on adding new persons, decorations, data on persons and images of persons and decorations. Also we daily receive input from our visitors, veterans and our foreign volunteers. A; this has to be checked and added to the website.

Until now this year 2012 for exemple, 300 new Ritterkreuz, 100 Luftwaffe Ehrenpokal, 200 new British DFC, 200 new Silver Star Medal and 200 new Bronze Star Medal recipients have been added. Also for exemple a number of 500 new American, 250 new British and 110 new Canadian persons were added. In total this year 1191 new persons were added, 390 new images of persons and 60 new images of decorations were placed in the database.

This is just a small part of all the work our volunteers have done by now.

We however think more can and should be done. For this our team should be strengthened. Do you think it is interesting to do research on persons and/or decorations in relation woth the Second World War and would you like to work on the website itself, please do not hesitate to contact one of our volunteers.
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