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Australian decorations top
Medals Australia
This site has been prepared to assist you with your interest and perhaps questions in relation to the Australian awards and honours system and those other medals and awards bestowed upon Australians.

Decorations top
Hendriks Medal Corner
Website in Dutch, English and French, regarding medals from a large number of country's. Excellent part on Belgian medals.

Medals of the World
Very good site about all the worlds decorations. Of every decoration you can find if there are classes, the ribbon colours etc.

The Courtly Lives
The Courtly Lives of Kings, Nobles, Saints, Knights, and Their Genealogy.

Dickin Medal top
Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial with a part about the Dickin Medal.

Burnaby Now
Burnaby's first and favourite information source. With a part about the Dickin Medal.

Home Front Friends
Home Front Friends is an Internet based community who preserve & portray the British Home Front during World War Two. With a part about the Dickin Medal.

Philip Doddridge
Website about the Battle of Hong Kong. With a part about the Dickin Medal.

The dogs of war
The K-9 History: The Dogs Of War! pages are about the World's Military use of dogs in both war and peace.

The HMS Cossack Association
The Association for those who served onboard either of the Royal Navy Destroyers: HMS Cossack. With a part about the Dickin Medal.

Dutch decorations top
Dutch Knight orders and Decorations
It is the goal of this website to deal with all Dutch Knight orders and Decorations.

Royal Dutch Decorations
This site contains information on all aspects of the Dutch system of Decorations.

German decorations top
Nice website about the most common German awards. This site was used as a source site for our site.

Hungarian decorations top
Hungarian Orders and Medals
Hungarian Website with the discriptions and pictures of Hungarian Decorations. Mostly in Hungarian and English.

Japanese decorations top
Xavierb Web Works
Website Portal to three different websites. One about Orders and medals of Japan, one about the Ostvolk Medal and one about Military Postcards

Private collections top
Military Badges
A military badge collection, collected by Chief Warrant Officer H H "Sarge" Booker 2nd. The Booker Collection is a selection of military badges, including many Australian and NZ, drawn or collected by Chief W/Officer Herbert H. Booker 2nd of Tujunga, California

Rusty Knight's Place
Website about this man's hobbys, including his colection of medals.

Scandinavian decorations top
Scandinavian Orders and Medals
Website about Orders and Medals from the Scandinavian Country's. In English.

Sovjet Union decorations top
Medals of the USSR
A website containing discriptions and drawings from former USSR awards and decorations.

Soviet Medals and Orders
Collectors website about Soviet medals. Many pictures and tips for collecting. Also trade in medals.

The Soviet Military Awards Page
Excellent and extended website about awards of the former Soviet-Union

United Kingdom decorations top
British Military Medals
History, descriptions ans pictures of Brtitish Military Medals.

Debrett's Ltd
Website about British Chivilry and etiquette. Under the chapter Etiquette one can find a good chapter about British Orders.

George Cross Database
Website containing much information concerning the George Cross and the recipients of the George Cross.

Stephen's Study Room
This web site is mainly concerned with British 20th Century (1900 - 1999) Military & Criminal History. Due to the nature of the subject it is sometimes necessary to cover events which fall outside this strict period of time.

The history of the Victoria Cross
Website about the history of the Victoria Cross. Much information about individual VC holder's and the location of graves of VC holders in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the rest of the world. Also displayed in this website is the location of all VCs when held by public bodies, world-wide. Accompanying this is a webpage announcing details of recent sales of Victoria Crosses.

Victoria Cross Reference
Website containing much information concerning the Victoria Cross and the recipients of the Victoria Cross.

United States decorations top
United States Army insignia
Descriptions of rank insignia, unit insignia, uniform insignia and decorations of the United States through the whole of her military history.

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