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It is possible for you to add a person, award or picture to this website. You can do this by filling in the Input of Persons or Input of Awards forms, which you can find at the bottom of this page. Only the input of WWII award receivers and WWII awards is meaningful.

To keep the data on our site historically accurate you are obliged to provide us with one or more sources for each person or award you are registering. Plausible sources are books and official documents. You can send a copy of the official documents to . Don't forget to mention the person or award concerned.

We can't guarantee that your input will be placed at the site. This will be a decision of one of our contributors. Your own name won’t be mentioned as the source of the data, with the exception of pictures of which you own the copyright.

For the input of many persons or a large contribution to this site you can contact us by way of .

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