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A British Soldier Remembers
Archive Militaria
Arlington National Cemetery
Aviation Wings and Badges of World War II
Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy
Axis and Foreign Volunteer Legion Awards & Postal History
Axis Biographical Research
Czechoslovak Orders and Medals
Dutch Knight orders and Decorations
eMedals, Militaria & Historia
General Leonard Mociulschi
George Cross Database
Hall of Valour - Temple Du Courage
Hendriks Medal Corner
Home of Heroes
Liverpool Medal Company
Medals of the World
Nederlandse Luchtmacht mei 1940
On Eternal Patrol
Polish Air Force in WW2
Royal Air Force organisational history
Royal Dutch Decorations
Royal Dutch Navy
Scandinavian Orders and Medals
Squadron Leader James Joseph 'Orange' O'Meara
Stephen's Study Room
The London Medal Company
Victoria Cross Reference
Visit South Arfrica and its people
WWII Aviation and Memorabilia Collection
Xavierb Web Works
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