Translation: War Merit Medal
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

The Kriegsverdienstmedaille (War Merit Medal) was instituted on 19-08-1940, to reward those civilians who were helping in the German war effort. At first, this award was also awarded to non-Germans who were helping in the German war effort but this was changed on 15-05-1943. From this date on, the non-Germans were rewarded with the Eagle Order Medal (Verdienstmedaille der Deutschen Adlerorden) in bronze and silver.

This award consists of a circular medal with the obverse depicting the image of the War Merit Cross without swords and on the reverse the text: “FÜR KRIEGSVERDIENST 1939”. The medal is made of bronze and is generally of good quality. The medal is suspended from a ribbon which is the opposite of the one of the Iron Cross 1939, e.g. a broad black band in the centre flanked by -from the centre outwards- a white and a red stripe.

The award was awarded in a bleu, red or buff paper bag with the name of the award printed in black.
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