Medal of Honor - Army (MoH)  
United States

Number of awards in the database: 324
Total awarded for WW II: 324

Award description
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Wai, Francis B.
Wainwright, Jonathan M.
Walker, Kenneth N.
Wallace, Herman C.
Ware, Keith L.
Warner, Henry F.
Watson, George
Waugh, Robert T.
Waybur, David Crowder
Weicht, Ellis R.
Wetzel, Walter .C.
Whiteley, Eli
Whittington, Hulon B.
Wiedorfer, Paul J.
Wigle, Thomas W.
Wilbur, William Hale
Wilkin, Edward G.
Wilkins, Raymond H.
Will, Walter J.
Wilson, Alfred L.
Wise, Homer L.
Woodford, Howard E.

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Picture source:   - Medals of the World
Information source(s):   H.T. Dorling, Ribbons and Medals, Philip, London 1974
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