Ridder vierde klasse der Militaire Willems Orde (MWO.4)

Netherlands, the

Translation: Knight 4th Class of the Militaire Willems Order (MWO.4)
Number of awards in the database: 170
Total awarded for WW II: 170

Award description
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Maduro, George John Lionel
Mallinckrodt, Jan
Mason, Gerald Linn
Mayhew, Kenneth G.
Migchelbrink, Gerard
Moppes, Willem Marie van
Mulder, Hendrik Jan
Mulder, Herman
Mulder, Johan Nicolaas
Myatt, Howard Reginald
Myers, Joseph F.
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Picture source:   - Royal Dutch Decorations
Information source(s):   H.T. Dorling, Ribbons and Medals, Philip, London 1974
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